Yellow Pine Idaho

Yellow Pine IdahoYellow Pine is a small town 50 miles east of McCall. The population is a tiny thirty-two. This former mining town is a great place to visit for a day, or to use as a base when exploring Idaho’s magnificent back country.

Yellow Pine is located near many campgrounds, rivers and lakes. There are also annual snowmobile trips from Warm Lake to Yellow Pine with overnight accommodations. The Frank Church Wilderness Area, twenty miles away, offers excellent hiking and camping opportunities. Popular area hunting includes elk, deer, bear, and cougar.

Yellow Pine is located 50 miles east of McCall, via the Lick Creek road (open seasonally); 65 miles from Cascade, via the Warm Lake and Johnson Creek Roads (open seasonally); and 70 miles from Cascade via the Warm Lake and South Fork Roads (open year around).

Yellow Pine Music and Harmonica Festival

The festival draws thousands of musicians and music lovers each year, transforming the small town into a bustling community. Held over the first week of August, the event offers live music on an outdoor stage, an auction, and vendor booths which line the street.

Beginning in 2013, the festival expanded its focus. Harmonicas will no longer be the entire focus of the event. A variety of music will be offered, and greater emphasis will be placed on providing top quality concerts. The harmonica contest has been eliminated, largely due to declining enrollment.